10 Best Podcast Microphone in 2021 [High Rated]

Are you are starting a podcast and you are quite confused about the best podcast microphone? Don’t worry, I am quite sure that you are probably not alone who has confusion about it.

Every podcaster understands the importance of quality sound. That’s why they want to invest their hard-earned money in the best microphone so that they don’t have to compromise with the quality sound.

In this guide, we have selected some of the best valuable microphones which work amazingly, especially for podcasting. These podcast microphones are rated by experts worldwide and we have chosen and reviewed them unbiased.

Top 10 Best Podcast Microphone in 2020

So, here we go. Let us see the top 20 podcast microphone that you can buy in 2020 which works amazing.

1. K670 USB Microphone, Fifine PC Microphone for Mac and Windows Computers – Optimized for Recording, Streaming Twitch, Podcasting for Youtube

Fifine is an established brand that has a specialty in microphone and audio accessories. They provide high-quality audio gears.
large-diaphragm condenser mic

K670 comes with the large-diaphragm condenser mic with the ease of plug-and-play USB connectivity on Windows PC/laptop, Mac, and PS4 (incompatible with Xbox). No drivers are required.

3.5mm headphone jack allows you to listen to what you are recording in real-time, without latency delays. No, bother with tricky noise gate or compression setting on OBS, Twitch, or Discord.

Full metal body construction withstands rough treatment; heavy-duty anti-slide stand prevents vibration noises.

Highlighted Features
  • Fuss-free set up – No drivers required
  • High-quality sound
  • Live Monitoring Streaming Microphone
  • Flexibility and Portability
  • Input level control
  • Live monitoring jack
  • 16mm Cardioid cable
  • Detachable USB cable
  • Height adjustable and anti-sliding stand
  • LED indicator
  • Full metal body construction
  • A volume dial

2. TrophyRak 2020 Upgraded USB Microphone for Computer, Podcast, Live Streaming, YouTube on PC – Fits for Windows & Mac PC, not for Phone, Plug & Play

Best podcast microphone

TrophyRak TR-PRO-057 USB Microphone is the latest USB condenser microphone that you should opt for. Its noise reduction chip makes it more awesome and the recording mic makes your voice more clear than ever before.

Coming to its most exciting features i.e., plug and play design. The TrophyRak TR-PRO-057 microphone is easy to connect with both Mac as well as with Windows computer. You don’t need any extra driver software or sound card.

TrophyRak USB recording microphone is much easier for you to use due to its convenient volume knob and Echo knob. It is great for gaming, podcast, live streaming, youtube on pc.

Highlighted Features
  • Wide compatible
  • Rejects back and side sounds
  • Play and plug design
  • Great Sound of Fidelity
  • No need of extra driver software or sound card
  • User friendly design
  • Convenient volume knob and Echo knob
  • Professional sound chipset
  • Compatible on both windows and Mac
  • Great for gaming, podcast, live streaming, youtube and so on.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install

3. USB Gaming Condenser Microphone, XIIVIO Plug&Play Computer PC Microphone Mic with Tripod Stand – Pop Filter for Mac/Windows, Recording Voice Over, Streaming Twitch/Podcasting/YouTube

cardioid pickup pattern microphone

Like TrophyRak TR-PRO-057 USB Microphone, XIIVIO also does not need any driver software. All you have to do is just grab a laptop and select it as your input in software setting then plug, and play.

It captures the audio source smoothly & provides premium audio performance which is what we all look for in an ideal & best podcast microphone. Cardioid polar pattern improves the isolation of the desired sound source.

This PC microphone stand features a 3-legged base that retracts and folds up easily for convenient storage and portable which is quite awesome.

Highlighted Features
  • Easy to stall
  • Clear sound quality
  • Flat frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz
  • High speed USB cable
  • Perfect for vocal
  • No need of extra driver software
  • Mic is equipped with a tripod stand
  • 360-degree flexible gooseneck
  • Plug and play
  • Cardioid pickup
  • Intelligent noise reduction
  • Flexible steering
  • Universal shock mount and pop filter

4. Studio USB Condenser Microphone, ikedon Professional 192kHz/24bit Cardioid Recording Microphone – Streaming Mic for Podcasting, YouTube Gaming -S663

Pop filter podcast microphone

Ikedon streaming mic captures every nuance of vocals due to broader frequency response and higher SPL. It has a 16mm large diaphragm and a high sampling rate of 192kHz/24bit due to which it accurately reproduces the most subtle sound and deliver clean audio.

It has a cardioid pattern that reduces the pickup of unwanted sounds from the background & stays more focused on the desired sound source. It also has a pop filter for filtering unwanted sound. Its shock mount prevents vibrations from your desk.

Like other podcast microphones that we have reviewed so far. This microphone also does not require any driver software, you just need to plug and play. All-metal boom arm for fixed mounting on your desktop.

Highlighted Features
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Cardioid pick-up
  • Wind shield reducing wind sound
  • Design to isolate from noise
  • Filter out Background Noise
  • Securely Clamp on to Desk
  • Plug and play
  • Pop filter preventing plosive
  • Shock mount isolation vibration
  • Reinforced table-clamp
  • Scissor Arm
  • Best for streaming, Podcasting, YouTube, Gaming and so on.

5. Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording & Streaming on PC and Mac – 3 Condenser Capsules, 4 Pickup Patterns, Headphone Output and Volume Control, Mic Gain Control, Adjustable Stand, Plug & Play – Blackout

Best blue yeti podcast microphone

Yeti USB microphone is one of the best brands available in the microphone industry which has the highest positive reviews. It is the most versatile multi-pattern USB microphone available world-wide. Let’s talk about this amazing blue yeti USB microphone.

Yeti Cardioid mode records sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone which makes it quite awesome. It has 3 condenser capsules for recording in any situation. It also had multi-pattern selection – cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo.

It is perfect for professionals like Youtubers, podcasters,  live streamers, gamers, and so on. Blue yeti has the widest range of compatibility. It is compatible with  Windows XP, Vista, 8,10, 7, as well as Mac.

Highlighted Features
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Cardioid pick-up
  • Wind shield reducing wind sound
  • Design to isolate from noise
  • Filter out Background Noise
  • Securely Clamp on to Desk
  • Plug and play
  • Pop filter preventing plosive
  • Shock mount isolation vibration
  • Reinforced table-clamp
  • Scissor Arm
  • Best for streaming, Podcasting, YouTube, Gaming and so on.

6. Studio Recording Microphone, ZealSound Condenser Broadcast Microphone w/Stand Built-in Sound Card Echo Recording Karaoke – Singing for Phone Computer PC Garageband Smule Live Stream & YouTube (Gold)

omnidirectional podcast microphone

It has a built-in 3.5mm jack recording microphone for phone, iPhone, tab, computer as well as for laptop that connects directly to a 3.5mm port for record singing, live streaming, or podcast.

You can adjust the sound with a professional built-in sound card mixer controller to reach a perfect voice. It is great for online classes, music recording, voice recording, interviews, and so on.

Its 3.5mm jack is great for real-time monitoring. It is good for google voice search, zoom meeting, live streaming, gaming, singing, and so on. It has a tripod and pop filter which is great for creating voice-over videos.

Highlighted Features
  • Portable with 270° adjustable tripod
  • Real time monitor
  • Built-in sound card
  • Professional sound chip
  • Plug and play
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Professional built-in sound card mixer controller
  • Portable and durable
  • Omnidirectional pattern
  • Ideal for voice recognition software, iChat, VoIP, and webcasting
  • Excellent for YouTubers and Live Streaming
  • Perfect for gaming, online chat, singing recording, and so on

7. Samiadat USB Microphone for Computer, Condenser Microphone, Plug &Play, Desktop Podcast Microphone – For Gaming Recording Streaming Videos Chatting Skype YouTube, Compatible with Windows/Mac

best podcast microphone under 40

Samiadat USB microphone has four function knob. You can easily adjust mic gain, mute. Blue light indicates working while the red light indicates that the mic is muted. It has a 3.5mm jack of microphone which is responsible for zero-latency monitoring so you can record and overdub in real-time.

It has a tripod that keeps it stable while recording and you can rotate it at 180° which is quite awesome. Although, there is another best podcast microphone that can even rotate at 270° or 360° about which we have already discussed above.

It has an easy plug and plays. Its cardioid condenser capsule enables the Mic to capture the accurate sound and cancel noise from the surroundings.

Highlighted Features
  • Portable with 180° adjustable tripod
  • Real time monitor
  • Perfect sound quality
  • Low noise & premium sense
  • Plug and play
  • Quality port
  • Metal protection mesh
  • Adjustable volume keys
  • Reverberation control & monitoring
  • Noise reduction mode
  • Volume adjustment and mic mute
  • Best for online meeting, live streaming, podcast, gaming and so on

8. USB Microphone 192KHz/24Bit Zero Latency Monitoring MAONO AU-PM401 – USB Computer Condenser Cardioid Mic with Mute Button for Podcasting, Gaming, YouTube, Streaming, Recording Music

podcast microphone under 100

It has a professional sound chipset 192KHZ/24BIT.  Maono PM401 Microphone can pick-up different frequencies sound very well. It has a cardioid pick-up that can dramatically decrease background noise obstructions.

It provides zero-latency monitoring features, thanks to its powerful microphone jack. Quickly mute & unmuted button is available with a built-in LED light indicator (Red right: mute and Greenlight: working). Compatible with Windows and macOS.

The additional strong-arm stand stops the microphone from accidental dropping, noise generation, and shaking. It has a metal shock mount that holds it steady and avoids any disturbance during recording.

Highlighted Features
  • Premium metal construction arm set
  • Reproduce your sound perfectly
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Quickly mute button
  • Built-in light one-key mute/unmute button with LED indicator
  • Built-in professional sound chip-set
  • Magnet ring
  • Cardioid polar pickup pattern
  • Easy plug & play
  • High-resolution sampling rate
  • Sampling rate: 192kHz/24bit
  • Best for online meeting, live streaming, podcast, gaming and so on

9. Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Mic for Recording and Streaming 

Best blue yeti podcast microphone

Blue Yeti does not need any introduce in the microphone industry. So, let dive into the features of this amazing small and portable blue yeti nano premium USB microphone for recording as well as streaming.

Highlighted Features
  • No-latency headphone output
  • Two pick-up patterns – Cardioid & Omni
  • Headphone volume and mic mute
  • Plug ‘N play-mac and PC compatible
  • Cardioid and Omni pickup patterns
  • The cardioid pattern is perfect for recording and streaming
  • Omni puts you “in the room” for conference calls
  • Perfect for podcasting, game streaming, Skype calls, YouTube, music and so on.
  • Standard threading for radius III shock mount and/or compass boom arm

10. USB Streaming Podcast PC Microphone, SUDOTACK Professional Studio Cardioid Condenser Mic

black friday deals on microphone

Looking for some excellent quality of sound? Then, you can opt this microphone. The microphone gives you up to 24bit/192khz bit sample rate, so your recordings will be crystal clear.

It has noise elimination quality as well as a cardioid pickup pattern. It has a USB plug and plays which is quite helpful and convenient.

Highlighted Features
  • Low noise
  • Plug & play
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Height adjustable microphone stand
  • Remove the dreaded plosive sound
  • Magnet ring Anti-interference
  • Shock mount
  • Table clamp
  • Anti-wind foam cap


Wrapping Up!

We have mentioned the best podcast microphone available in the market and We have tried our best to provide you most accurate information. We would love to hear your experience with the podcast microphone that we have mentioned above if you have ever tried the above mentioned best podcast microphone.